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    This is what we are always happy to receive. If you want to help in the development of new module or memory systems, which are not yet represented on the website and in our lab, be sure to contact us. We love creative and active people and encourage them in every way.
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    If you have any questions about the use of mnemonics or you are unable to achieve high results in memorization, then come to us for training courses, where in the cozy company of professionals from this field you will not only learn how to use your memory more efficiently, but just will have a good time. The subject of training, time and venue, you can always find in the schedule section. We are always glad to see you.
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    "Webinar" (from the words "web" and "seminar") - training that is conducted online. To find out when the next webinar will be - visit the schedule section and follow the news.
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